Thursday, May 26, 2011

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2011-2012 LA DSI Committee Goals and Activities

Goal 1: Communicate changes that have been made to curriculum, instruction, and assessment due to the Common Core Standards.

Suggested activities:

1. Grade level teams identify Common Core pilot strengths and struggles they encountered while creating Common Core pilot units.

2. Grade level teams share Common Core pilot unit strengths and struggles at DSI meetings.

3. Assess building needs based on Common Core pilot unit discussions and share with administration.

Sparta Core Principles: Focus on Effective Instruction

 Goal 2: Develop a common language to use in vocabulary, grammar, writing, and reading instruction.

Suggested activities:

1. Identify the common content nouns/concepts listed in the Common Core Standards from kindergarten through grade twelve.

2. Identify what common language terms needs to be created that are not mentioned in the Common Core Standards.

Sparta Core Principles: Focus on Effective Instruction